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Amanda Maternity

Limari Cake Smash

Janine Maternity

Luka Newborn

Karola Maternity

Luan Cake Smash

Dian Newborn

Morné + Lara Matric Farewell

Sheila Maternity

Sadie Newborn

Renato Newborn

Nicci Maternity

Clarize Newborn

Neil Cake Smash

Luan Newborn

Marisa Maternity

Sheila Lifestyle Maternity

Shinéne Maternity

Danielle Maternity

Katryn Newborn

Sue-Lize Matric Farewell

Janine Newborn

Antja Maternity

Klara Newborn

Floris’ 1st Birthday

Mieke Cake Smash

Anorey Newborn

Jade + Divan Matric Farewell

André Cake Smash

Kirsten Newborn

Giovanni Matric Farewell

Joshua Newborn

Diné Matric Farewell

Danelle Matric Farewell

Carin Maternity

Michelle + Riaan

Rahul Cake Smash

Elleni Maternity

Liré Matric Farewell

Inamarie Maternity

Luan Newborn

Josua Newborn

Salome Maternity

Chanté Maternity


MW’s Cake Smash in the Bush

Charné Maternity

Ruben’s Cake Smash

Joshua Newborn

Herman Newborn

Elmari Maternity Session

Oliver Newborn

Jolandi Maternity Session

Divan Newborn

Caro Matric Farewell

Vasri Matric Farewell

Isabel Doop

Michelle Maternity



Kirsten Matric Farewell


Kara’s Christening

Kari Matric Farewell

Lara Newborn

John Newborn

Rosalee Newborn

Janita Maternity

Chantal + Erich

Liander Cake Smash

Martin’s Cake Smash

Francois Cake Smash

Rolinda Maternity

Lorika Maternity

Heidi Newborn

Bianca Maternity

Cristel | Maternity

Kaylene + Wietz | Matric Farewell

Emma + Herman

Marisa Maternity

Babie Maternity

Natasha Maternity

Carmen Maternity

Zulica + Conny-lee


Vitiligo is a disease in which the pigment cells of the skin, melanocytes, are destroyed in certain areas. Symptoms and signs of vitiligo include loss of skin color in the form of depigmented, or white, patches of skin in any location on the body.


Zelda Maternity

Leejuan + Dietmar

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